Family Dentistry – Mt. Pleasant, WI

High-Quality Care for Smiles of All Ages

Shuffling your family members to many different dental offices can be stressful and exhausting. Luckily, all of your loved ones can receive the preventive dental care their smiles need in one location here at Sweet Smiles Family Dentistry. We’re happy to help patients of all ages feel comfortable during their routine exams, cleanings, and more. If you’re ready to finally have a one-stop shop for your family’s dental health needs, then call us to set up your first appointment!

Why Choose Sweet Smiles Family Dentistry for Family Dentistry?

  • Dental Team Members Who Speak Spanish
  • In-Network with Many Leading Dental Insurance Providers
  • Digital Dental X-Rays Minimize Radiation

Dental Checkups & Cleanings

At-home brushing and flossing are essential for long-term oral health, but regular dental checkups and cleanings are equally so. We recommend scheduling one at least every six months. During these quick, easy visits, we can remove built-up plaque deposits and examine your mouth for small signs of cavities, infections, and other dental health concerns. Attending these appointments will go a long way toward maintaining a bright, problem-free smile.

Children’s Dentistry

Dental care is important for smiles young and old, but kids require special attention as their smiles are developing. Our team always makes sure that children feel comfortable and safe when they’re in the treatment chair so that they can get the gentle care they need without a hitch. After all, positive experiences at the dentist’s office during childhood make a person more likely to be proactive about their dental health as an adult!

Oral Cancer Screenings

Almost 50,000 people are diagnosed with oral cancer each year, but because many of these diagnoses don’t occur until the disease has progressed, it comes with a mortality rate that’s far too high. That’s why our dentists perform oral cancer screenings as part of your routine checkups. They’ve been trained to identify the smallest signs of cancerous or precancerous tissue in the mouth or throat. If they detect something that warrants concern, they’ll let you know of the next steps to take that will maximize your chances of successful treatment.

Fluoride Treatments

After your routine cleaning, our team can apply a topical fluoride gel to your teeth in just a few minutes. Fluoride has been found to fortify tooth enamel against decay, which is why it has been added to many public water sources as well as most oral care products. We typically suggest fluoride treatments for kids, as they tend to have a higher risk for dental diseases, but adults, particularly those with a history of frequent cavities, can also benefit from additional fluoride exposure.

Dental Sealants

Children are particularly vulnerable to cavities in the teeth toward the back of the mouth. Not only do these teeth have deep pits that could trap food debris and bacteria, but they’re often difficult for children to reach with their toothbrushes. To reduce the risk of decay, we can apply a clear plastic sealant to the chewing surfaces of these teeth. This painless treatment takes only minutes, but it can deliver a boost of protection for up to a decade.

Athletic Mouthguards/ Sportsguards

Very few people forget to play football without a helmet, but not many people remember to protect their teeth with an athletic mouthguard. One blow to the mouth, jaw, or face could all too easily lead to a dental emergency and even permanent smile damage. We want to avoid that as best we can, which is why we can provide custom sportsguards that fit like a glove, shielding your pearly whites from severe injury during sports.

Nightguards for Bruxism

About one out of every three people deals with bruxism – unconscious teeth grinding and jaw clenching. Since it most commonly occurs while sleeping, many people don’t even realize they have it until their teeth have become weakened or fractured. With our digital impression technology, we can create a nightguard that comfortably fits over the specific contours of your teeth. It creates a barrier between your upper and lower arches, preventing damage from grinding.

Special Needs Dentistry

We recognize that patients with certain developmental, cognitive, sensory, or physical impairments may require a method of dental care that differs from that of most smiles. If you have a family member with special needs, know that they’re welcome to make Sweet Smiles Family Dentistry their dental home. Our team members have experience helping patients with special needs feel relaxed and at-ease as they receive the unique care that they require for their smiles to thrive.